Are your products vegan?

Yes, our products are vegan.

Are your products nut free?

Yes, our products are nut free.

Do you test on animals?

No, we do not. We love our fluffy friends and we are cruelty free. 

What do you mean by non-toxic products?

Our lip formulas are 95% plant-based. They are crafted from olive, rice, and jojoba oils. They are blended with candelilla and carnauba waxes. Our nail polish is alcoholic-free and water-based. Simply peel or wash it off, no nail polish remover necessary!

Are all your products non-toxic?

All our products are non-toxic except for our oil-based nail polish for our teen customers. This nail polish is not water-based as it is meant to be longer wear.

Do you make any efforts to be sustainable?

Yes! We love our planet and have reduced the amount of plastic in our packaging. We are always striving to improve even further on reducing our carbon footprint.

Where can I shop for your beauty products online?

You can find us on Amazon (Amazon.com: TownleyGirl), Walmart.com and Target.com.