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Growing up, some children want to play like pretty princesses. Some like to dress up as pop stars. And others love spunk and edgy colors. We love the dreams that play time bring for everyone, and we want kids to dream big. Whether they desire to emulate mom or beat to their own drums, kids’ creativity and imagination are inspiring to us all.

From that inspiration, our products were born. We specialize in beauty products, hair accessories and bath products for kids, tweens and teens. They can become makeup artists, manicurists and hair dressers, all with our products as their tools! The sky is the limit for all the looks they can create.

We’re here to encourage dress up time in all kids, for whatever beauty products suit their personalities. Whether they are captivated by Disney Princess makeup or L.O.L. Surprise! accessories, there’s something for everyone to love.

We add the sparkle and shine to kids’ imagination worldwide!

Townley. Since 1952.


Our lip formulas are non-toxic and are 95% plant-based. They are crafted from olive, rice and jojoba oils. They are blended with candelilla and carnauba waxes. Our lip balms and lip glosses are lightly scented with fruity flavors. Delish!

Our nail polish does not contain alcohol and water-based. Simply peel or wash it off, no nail polish remover necessary! Our children’s makeup is shimmery and light, perfect for play time. No harsh colors or dyes.

Our tween and teen makeup is pigmented and bright, but nevertheless it is crafted with safe ingredients. Our older line of nail polish is oil-based, for longer lasting wear.

Our bath products are made of safe and delicate ingredients, so your little one can have fun in the tub.

We love our planet and its natural ingredients! Our goal is to be a fully plant-based company by 2023.


You can find our products in stores across the world, including but not limited to Walmart, Target, Five Below, Kohls, Primark, Big Lots, BJs, CVS, Dollar General and Dollar Tree.

Our product links on this website will take you directly to our Amazon page, where you can shop as well: TownleyGirl